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2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
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Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Another crazy trip

I always can be convinced to go on a trip if I can do it, and this weekend was no different when Kathy asked me to go to Oregon and help keep her company when she went to pick up her horses. I packed a bag. Friday morning early Kathy, Barbara and I jump into the truck and off we go. We are often easily sidetracked but for some reason we make it to Bend, Oregon in decent time. We arrive at Wendy's house at 2 or 3am and go to sleep. Kendall arrives in the early afternoon with the horses (he went and brought them down from Yakima) and we unload Badger, Delightful Dulcinea, and Faith to let them roll before putting them into the trailer. The grulla in the first picture is Delightful and she is stunning. Kathy had to buy her because she was Hayden's mom and she was up for sale. When she came out of the trailer I knew Kathy knew she was worth every penny.....

On our way back I kept getting papers and checking in horse ads. :) You know we had an empty spot in the trailer. We met this incredible lady who bred Quarter horses for many years and we were blessed to be able to spend an hour or two meeting this incredible mare she had for sale and seeing pictures of the foals and sires she had used. This woman had done an impeccable job matching bloodlines and improving on each horse she had bred. The mare "Spiffy" was well bred, sweet and loving. It was nice to see a person who bred with care and took care of the offspring. She was carefully looking for the right home for her mare because she was getting older herself and needed to downsize some.

We were so close to home when I checked a paper that had a horse advertised that interested us all. His name was buck and he was 1/2 Shire and 1/2 QH. He is 19 and a huge dun gelding at 18hh and 1800 lbs. He rode decently, though hot and was not a beginners horse. Kathy said she might like to ride that and paid the price. On the way home we changed his name to DillyDally because that is what what we were doing when we found him.

Here is the little tank mare of the month looking for a home. She is halter broke and loads but I don't know much else about her and can't evaluate her for a few more weeks due to my hand. She is available to the right person now on a lease/adoption with purchase rights at the end of a lease.
She is beautiful.

Well, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

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