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2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
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Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Losing Hope

In Feb we adopted 2 curly girls from BLM. One is a 6 y/o mare we named Winsome Rose, the other we saw after the adoption, and it was like an addiction. Seems like we started every conversation with the phrase "curly black mustang." Angi made me call and I find out about her. I discovered it was a 2 y/o black very curly filly with 2 white hind socks.

Angi had a dream that she was a hellion and when we picked her up sure enough, she was a whirling dervish! Trying to duck back in the chute and loading 2 front feet and out; 2 back feet and out; One side... She finally did a fantastic lipizzan impression IN the trailer as the wranglers shut the trailer door. I called to tell her she jinxed the poor horse!

Once she was home, we started to REALLY fall in love. She was brave and bold, strong willed, and adorable. Rose actually hid behind her. We tried out many names, someone wanted Velvet, Angi wanted Jade, I wanted something that didn't mean vicious horse. We finally settled on Cherished Hope, and she was.

We both wanted to keep Hope, and Rose. It was impossible to chose just one because Hope was a charmer, looking all cute and curly. Wanting to have her fuzz scratched off, sniffing your hand one minute and biting it the next. Angi worked with her and she improved. As Angi got busy with Freedom, Hope got to chill with the herd and buddied up to my Chester.

Hope aways had thick ankles and when Angi would mention them I'd say its not a big deal, she's fine. Except she isn't. I hauled her to the vet yesterday and she has severe arthritis in her front ankles with very little movement in them. She doesn't seem off yet she doesn't bounce and play as much as she did when she first came, and looking back at pictures, I can now see that they have been growing bigger.

She also has an old injury to her jaw that requires surgery. The vet feels that Hope will only get worse. She still has much growing left to do. After a few phone calls, lots of what if we's and why don't we's, and a night of sleep we can both admit he is right. It isn't fair to put her through surgery and the long intrusive after care only to live in pain.

So after losing Isreal and his twin sister, the emotional ride of the Makeover, and losing May Zing, now we are going to lose Hope as well.

Angi couldn't come to the vets with us, but I was so proud of Hope. She was the best girl for the Dr! She unloaded and led to a strange stall and then up onto the patio at the clinic. She let the Dr look in her mouth, flush it our with a hose, and exam her ankles. Her baby eyes got wide a few times but she stayed sweet and soft and went along. So different from the firebreather that arrived in spring. Our hearts are breaking and the tears are flowing but I know that Hope will be well met on the other side of the bridge.


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