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2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
and the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sonador

Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

NWHA Show ~ Las Vegas, NV

Because of Angi's hand, we were seriously thinking about not going to the show. I had packed off and on all day, but didn't bother to go wash horses. I was feeling that without Angi how much fun would it be?

I was talking to Angi in the afternoon and we talked about it's being a shame that we had everyone coggins and health certs, and wouldn't be using them. Since we only know of 3 mustang shows, it's not like there would be another soon. She said we should go but that she really couldn't with the state of her finger (surgery is set for thursday and she is forbidden to use it at all!) Having been at the hospital all night having it wiggled, jiggled and xrayed, she was not feeling up to a car trip, but she said come take Free and go have fun...

So Beth and I threw stuff in the truck, and I went to get Free, came home loaded up our guys and hit the road about 11pm. I didn't know if we could unload and check in at night so we went slow, stopped a lot and arrived at 5:30 am. We took a few naps when we stopped but were still tired when we arrived. They found the barn manager to check us in a little after 6 but by the time we got the horses into stalls, shavings, and I washed Symphony it was almost 7:30 and I needed to go to the show office still! Once I got our entry done there was no time to wash Free and have him dry for class #3 so he went into Halter dirty, as did Chester in Class #4

It was lucky the first class was delayed so Symphony had finished drying before we went in. She had managed to roll in her stall, because she had dirt and fluff in her coat, but I could scratch her without leaving dust trails. ;D

They had sturdy 12x12 stalls, which must have semed huge to Free after TX. It was Symphony and Chester's first time in one. He was cool about it, she was not impressed. By Sunday morning they were starting to call and act silly if they couldn't see each other so after their last class (and the horse next to Symphony had high centered on his door trying to follow his herd mate) I went ahead and stuck them in together and they just hung out together. I'm glad the stall was big enough to do that. They were much happier!

The people were REALLY nice. This is a group that works with BLM, fosters BLM orphans, and assists mustang adopters. They hold monthly clinics, and host a yearly mustang and burro show. ;D Just the sort of thing we were hoping could be done here. I joined their group and will try to get some more info on how they did it. I know they do have at least one trainer that is part of their group and I think he runs the monthly clinics. I think we have all the makings here to do as well as they have. But putting on a show looks like a HUGE event that may take a while to be ready for. Plus where do we hold it?

They had just one burro attend this year. Her name is Elizabeth. She was SO sweet. She fell in love with Chester and tried to follow him around.

We did better then expected in most of the classes. We went into halter classes with dirty, unclipped horses, and Free laid down and wanted to roll when I presented him to the judge in showmanship LOL! He had been in the trailer all night, the shoved into a box stall, then here was some dirt and some space between he and the other horses so why not? ;D (just shows he really isn't afraid of humans whatsoever as he didn't know the judge and laid down 4 feet away from her!)

Pictures?? HA!!

We were lucky to make it to the gate with the right horse half the time. Beth watched me compete when she wasn't getting ready for a class. We went down to see the horses up for adoption, and we walked the horses around. The NHWA had a 5 month old orphan from the Nellis gather that Beth was begging to bring home, but we left him there. However if anyone wants a really cute sorrel version of Chester with some nice chrome on him.. (looks like he'll be a bit taller the Chester too) You should contact them NWHA and ask about Lucky7! He's very friendly and not obnoxious like some orphans are.

I had my pictures taken too many times (me in my dirty slobbered on CBER Tshirt) lol We were ready to load up but stayed to see how horses we liked had done in the high point. I didn't expect to be hi point anything!! We were happy to receive compliments on all 3 horses.

Saturday Symphony was pretty mellow, trotted nice and followed my lead pretty well except the dreaded turn away at the trot! I had to practically stop her to have her not go off pattern in the poles, but we still placed second! Freedom seemed a bit depressed but our horses were mor fore up on Sunday, Sym kept a close eye on Chester as he did the trail course. I had here on a semi loose lead and when we got to the bridge she stepped one foot on the bridge, and off to the side.. so I backed her up and we went again, again she stepped on one foot and to the side... So I took her back again, gave her a couple of strokes took a deep breath said you can do this, and then she trip trapped across it like a champ! I was sure those refusals kill any ribbon. She wove, trotted and turned in the box! She wanted to step out of the box and it probably looked funny I had her in a choke hold did a 1/4 turn 1/4 turn 1/4 turn 1/4 turn pausing .. she was happy to trot out of there ad around the barrels with her shoulder pressed against my hip ( I was waiting for her to shove me over, but she didn't) I let her have her head for the zig zag and she halted smartly for a nice finish with about 5 feet of lead looped between us.

Poor Free took the bridge right off, he has trouble with the short trots because by the time he gets the rear end trotting it's time for him to stop already! He was was sloppy in the box, my fault. Ii don't know if he stepped out but he's so long I had to reposition him twice before continuing to turn. He didn't want to trot around the barrels and I realized I still had him held tight from the box. oops! He took the zig zag better the Symphony and also halted nicely. He just wasn't happy without Angi. You can tell when he's worried because he gets this point in his eyebrow, and Sunday it was there all morning. When I told Angi she asked if he was colicky, but no just a little depressed I think.

Chester refused to trot for Beth saturday for halter and again on the poles, but did good on sunday. Freedom was handled by me, and he thinks I suck... I should have switched horses with Beth and let her show Free.
Our finish...

Free was 5th in Halter stock type Geldings
I do not show and suck in showmanship!
1st in MHF futurity Citizenship ungentled
3rd in Trail in hand
Hi Point In Hand and
MHF Futurity All Around Hi Point Champion

Symphony was 2nd in Halter Stock type Mares over 2
2nd in Poles In hand
2nd in Trail In hand

Chester was 2nd in Halter Hunter type Geld
5th Poles In Hand
4th in Trail in Hand

We skipped the in hand barrels and the games on Sunday, I had trotted my knees to death between showing 2 horses, and practicing our trots around poles. ;D

We had a great time and hope to go back next year!

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