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Angi Keitel Murray participated in the original 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Freedom,
2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
and the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sonador

Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
and Mustangs as well as other breeds for private clients in Palmdale, CA

Saturday, August 4, 2007

July 29th Does he buck????

And then the real question was, will he buck? We wait until the clinic is over and then I put the saddle on. Free gets nervous when I first saddle him because I am in the arena, with people watching behind him and it is with a very squeaky saddle. He jumps away and then we start over. I move him around and with the back cinch tight. No bucking. I send him to jump over the barrels. No bucks. I put him in the round pen and use a rope to move the stirrups and pull on the horn. Still no bucking. Of course everyone is saying why do you want him to buck? Right? For the simple reason that if I never see Freedom buck ever (which he has never done), then I will not know how to sit it if it ever does come. So Chris says get on and I do. She moves him around the round pen at a walk and trot. Free had a HUGE action trot but very smooth. I love it. We move into the arena and walk around. Of course we had done a few other things during the day, like trying to pony Free off of a horse that did not seem to know how pony. I spent most of that time trying to teach the mare I was riding not to toss her head from the bit, not toss me when she got mad that I had another horse on the end of the rope leading from her and not be scared of the parelli stick that I was carrying. Okay, so I don't always do things in order :) I just thought a kids horse might have a good handle on her but not quite. It was fun and made for and exciting day! Pictures will be posted soon.....

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Kathy M said...

I have been dumping videos off the camera and have reached the ones of Freedoms first ride. I promise to add pics soon. Maybe even a video clip?

He did GREAT!