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Angi Keitel Murray participated in the original 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Freedom,
2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
and the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sonador

Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
and Mustangs as well as other breeds for private clients in Palmdale, CA

Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 13th

It is hot out. Free seems irritated by all the flys and can't concentrate on the lesson. I wrap him in a rope and he is bothered when it goes by his ears. He keeps stomping his feet at the bugs and heat. It has been several minutes and he is not into the idea of me rubbing his face. I am sure this session is not going like I had hoped it would. I go get fly spray, towel and a fly roller that you put on the face. Great idea right? Horse that can't be haltered but needs fly spray. I just talk to him and follow him around with the towel sprayed with fly spray. Once he gets over the initial snorting, he seems to like the towel being rubbed on his face. I am determined and Freedom senses it. I take the roller (which he does not like the sound!) and roll it around his eyes. I use the coils of the rope to touch him on the neck then follow with the fly spray roller. Soon I am able to spray a little on him and to roll the roller on his left side down to his shoulder and on his right side all the way down to his butt. What a good boy Freedom is :) Not quite ready to wear a halter but doing good with the fly spray!

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Barbara said...


What a beautiful boy! You sent a message asking for inspiration ... you are the most inspired (and inspiring) horsewoman it's been my pleasure to know! Just let everything unfold as it will and your inspiration will come to you. Oh, and BTW, Bailey smells everything, too. I had to let her smell my two dogs before she'd relax around them. She smelled Sierra's head and then licked her and they've gotten along fine since then! Anyway, what a joy for you and what a lucky guy Freedom is to have you. Keeping posting your progress. What a fascinating journey the two of you have to look forward to together!

Barb Edwards