Angis Mustangs

Angi Keitel Murray participated in the original 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Freedom,
2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
and the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sonador

Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
and Mustangs as well as other breeds for private clients in Palmdale, CA

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day eleven (Wednesday)

Today I am hot and tired. I decide to work on more round pen stuff. Azania actually looks like a slightly more rideable horse but still has a little upwards movement. He has spunk and attitude and play drive which is fun on most days but can make you exausted on others. He is overall doing so well and I have to remind myself why I do this. I do this for the joy and love of mustangs. To show people how amazing they can be, even the ones that are harder at first. To do it all when they are ready, not when I am feeling like they should be ready and to learn to really listen to them. Not just me speaking to them but the mustangs speaking to me and playing with me and becoming amazing partners. You can make a horse do what you want but the key is to get them to want to. I hope this horse touches someone in a big way and becomes someone's lifetime partner. I am thankful that I got to be his first step to trust.

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