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2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
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Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some EXPO news from Kathy

Yes we are back and what an adventure it was! We picked up Jenna and Aim Tuesday night then headed off to get Angi and Prosperity. We left about 2 am and arrived at the Expo mid morning on Wed (I think there were two other horses there but more soon followed.) Wed is a bit of a blur being so tired and busy unloading. We heard from Jamie Thomas that she got stuck an extra day in Washington so we checked into the hotel, ate a late lunch, napped, and went back after dark to wait for her and Monty to arrive. I waited for her at the gate, relaying directions from a patient Security Guard while Beth and Angi bedded down Monty's stall. We were the first to greet Steve Boyles as well since he was pulling in when I went to the gate to wait for Jamie.

We got to spend time with many friends, from Texas last year, and those we made during this competition, as well as friends who came to see us from near and far. Once again there was a really FABULOUS group of people!! The MHF Staff, The trainers and their families are the second best thing about these events, right behind the horses themselves of course. The horses at this event were top notch, a really great bunch of trainers who did a superb job with their horses!

Prosperity handled the new place and the box stall well. She and Angi played on lead and at Liberty in the smaller arenas. On Thursday she worked Prosperity and had her wear her saddle. A few of the other trainers helped push her a bit and she was more humpy the bucky with the saddle in motion, she also did well when Angi stood in the stirrups, so.. While I was gone to the airport to fetch a friend, Angi decided to take her first and only ride on Prosperity....

I am told it lasted 2 sec tops.

Of course no one videoed it, but I have plenty of video of Prosperity so I know just how athletic she is ! Jamie Thomas had Prosperity on lead, and was going to pony her off of Monty (Montego Magnifico de Durango ) Jamie said there was nothing she could do, Propserity did not take off bucking.. she just reared up high, and then snapped her rear up to meet her head, Lots of air... with all four feet well above the ground. Beth said Angi was launched like a bottle rocket, and Steve Boyles said as soon as she settled in the saddle she was in the air, went head over heels about 3 times, landed on her back and... bounced!

I am sure she was sore, but she was up and moving around so most people probably wouldn't have known she even came off. Just what she didn't want to happen, but the trainers that observed Prosperity agreed she needed more time to accept the saddle.

Prosperity did well in Conditioning, and In Hand. She broke trot on the poles, but scored well, earning 8s and 9s in most of the other obstacles. For the Horse Course Angi took her out and did a Liberty Freestyle, worth 45 points (she did not hear that she could walk the whole course, the speakers were hard to hear in the arena and she did not know she was invited to.)

The adoption prices were lower then Texas but Prosperity was adopted for $750 and will be living in Clements, CA with a couple and an almost 5 year old boy who left me with a lovely mental picture.. Him standing on a chair in front of her stall loving her. Prosperity grew to love the crowds, especially he children and became a bit of a thief towards the end. She was nibbling purse straps, and grabbing lemonade straws from people who stopped to pet her.

It was really hard for me to drive away and leave her there, I can not imagine how Angi did it! You fall in love with these wonderful animals and you want others to share the joy of loving a mustang.. but you leave a piece of your heart with them, and can only hope that the humans in their future are careful to protect that seed so that it continues to grow.

Angi probably has a whole other list of things to say, but I know she is already busy, busy, busy.. back to work, has a clinic on Saturday, and she is wanting to be able to spend some time with her own horses one of these days.. ;D

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Chris said...

What a gorgeous looking horse! Very obedient and in great condition!