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Monday, October 1, 2007

october 1st (the way a mustang touches your heart)

Yesterday I lost my best friend, a little red and white pinto mustang that I had the joy of owning for a short four and a half years. May Zing was beautiful. You never realize how much a horse touches your life until you are facing your life without them.
She was born in May, a night during a bootcamp. I had dreamed what she looked like so it did not surprise me to see her color. She was bold even at a young age and her name became May Zing, short for Amazing and the month she was born. She traveled from lifesavers to my friend Jen's house in Vasquez Rocks. I rode her mom and she followed, sometimes jumping off rocks and trying to follow hikers. Her mom called for her but she did not care and I would have to ride to get her. We moved and she was in my back yard. Every morning I was blessed with her calls for food. She grew so fast and it took me awhile to go from babying her to actually asking her to behave herself. She had a new trick every day and sometimes she would drive me nuts, but she had my heart and I loved her completely. Time flew and several moves later I had settled in a place with nice trees to stand under and occasional snacks on the front lawn's grass. I guess I took her for granted, the strong-willed mare that would talk to me for a snack, and chase the other horses around at feeding time. I had never quite finished her under saddle, actually only took three rides on her but she was the most respectful on the halter despite the lack of real work. The picture is of her watching me work with Free. May Zing and I mainly hung out. And she was the one that I cried on when I was sad. She heard more stories then even my friends and she never once walked away. I soaked her mane with tears quite a few times and then even more when I said goodbye to her. I feel lucky to have had the time I have had with her.
I never saw it coming, waking up to see her colic, and it progressed so quickly that I was no longer waiting for my vet to try to save her but only for him to hurry so that my sweet horse would not have to suffer anymore. She threw herself into things and on the ground, resting only a few seconds in between. At one point she slammed her head on my hand which was resting on a tree. It broke and I knew that after all this there would be a visit to the urgent care for me. The break in my hand will heal much quicker then the break in my heart. When the vet helped her close her eyes for one last time I said my goodbyes with knowing that she is running in heavens grasses. I am still in shock, almost forgetting that she is not outside waiting for me to brush her and rub her eyes. I wish I had more time to have done it more often. I want to incourage everyone to spend the time you can with your special horsie friend, you just never know when that last day might come.
Until we meet again May Zing........

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Joan said...

I am so sorry for your loss of Amazing.