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Angi Keitel Murray participated in the original 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Freedom,
2008 Western States Mustang Challenge with Prosperity,
2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover with Azania.
2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Ima LunaMiss,
and the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover with Sonador

Angi trains the many beautiful rescued mustangs at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.
and Mustangs as well as other breeds for private clients in Palmdale, CA

Friday, September 14, 2007

Freedoms road trip

It all starts Thursday night (or actually Friday morning) at 3am. I wake Freedom up from his snoozing and ask him to load in the trailer. He looks at me like I am crazy. I ask again and then he loads up and we start on a very long, crazy road trip. Sometimes in the middle of stress you just have to do something wacky.
Kathy, Beth and I load our stuff and go. We often stop along the road distracted by shiny objects (look Kathy, its a bead store!) and Free watches me walk away as he is stuck in the trailer! At first he would object by stomping but pretty soon he stops worrying about it. I stop often to try to give him water. Lesson number one, Free does not drink while in the trailer. He does eat his hay and his grain though and seems not too bothered by me being inside the trailer with him.
Friday at 2 am and we arrive to stop in Bend to stay with a friend of Kathy's who allows us to crash, shower and feeds us. I unload Free and lead him through a HUGE pasture and put him into a pen. He drinks immediately. In the morning I notice he has rubbed off some hair on his rump. Great Free! Only a little over a week to go and you are working on being bald! I turn him out in the arena there where he plays and rolls. Somewhere in the middle of cleaning the trailer and reloading hay bags we become owners to a bay mare named Kasey. I am convinced that Free will be hard to load but he follows me right in.
We arrive in Yakima at 5pm and I unload Free and Kasey into a huge pasture for them to run and play. People come and meet him and he is curious. Freedom has decided that Kasey is his best friend and for the first time is calling out to another horse.
We stay at a friends house and on the way back to where Freedom slept we pick up another mare named Valley. Free is not as happy about her. He likes Kasey! We ride a little in the pen and then I lead Free through apple orchards and out around the area. He is happy.
We load up all three horses plus another one that we drop off in Vacaville. The trip in uneventful and unloading Freedom he meets lots of people who love on him. He still will not drink inside the trailer. When we finally get home he is really happy to have his feet on solid ground!

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